Ready to jump start your life into a more healthy you?

If you are interested in setting up your free initial consulting session in order to further discuss how I can best help you achieve your goals, please call Kelsey at 608-228-7544 or fill out the Hite Nutrition Client Assessment and I will be in touch with you shortly! If you have additional questions or simply want to learn a little bit more about what services I have to offer, please send me an email at I would love to chat with you and learn more about how to make your goals a reality.


Nutrition COnsulting

Do you want to take control of your nutrition for good? Kelsey's specialty is helping you better understand why you may not have been successful in the past with kicking your unhealthy habits. Or maybe you simply do not know where to start and need some encouragement and guidance to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If this is you, Kelsey would love to sit down with you and chat about life, food, exercise, and health. To email Kelsey directly please click this email link and she will be in touch with you shortly!


Do you have trouble coming up with healthy recipes to make? Do you wish that meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking was more fun and easy? I have the perfect solution! Meal planning through Hite Nutrition is not only convenient and easy, but my plans are designed specifically with your health needs, food cravings, and/or family in mind. Hite Nutrition customizes your plan to fit your schedule and goals. And the best part is that Kelsey will be here to answer any questions. If you do not understand something from a recipe or know where to find an ingredient in the store, simply email or call Kelsey and she will help. Grocery lists will be generated automatically from the meal plan each week so you won't even have to think about what to place in your grocery cart. Cooking healthy just got a whole lot easier! If you are interested in my meal plans please send Kelsey an email at and she will be in touch shortly!


The weekly meal preparation is just as it sounds, you get your own personal chef. When hiring a personal chef, you take the stress out of meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up! Kelsey will come into your home and sit down with you and/or your family to better understand what type of meals may be best. She will then design a nutritious meal plan that aligns with your health and nutrition goals; as well as, develop meals that you and/or your family will love, in adherence to specific tastes and dislikes. Kelsey will plan your meals for the week and then purchase ingredients from your preferred grocery store or market (or you may choose to order them through an online grocer). Then she will bring the groceries to your home and prepare the meals for you. Your meals will be cooled, carefully packaged (with heating instructions if necessary), and your kitchen will be cleaned. Since every person and family is different there are many variables which make pricing unique. If you are interested please call Hite Nutrition at 608-228-7544 and you'll receive a personalized estimate.


Do you dread going to the grocery store or have trouble choosing the healthier options? Let Hite Nutrition help! Kelsey loves grocery shopping and wants to share some of her knowledge and money saving tricks with you. Let Hite Nutrition help you feel comfortable walking into the grocery store, and leave confidently knowing you have made healthy and wholesome food choices. 


Take a peek inside your pantry and cupboards -- do you know what items are healthy versus those that are most likely making you more fatigued, lethargic, and are detrimental to your health? Let Hite Nutrition show you what the best snacks and pantry staples are, while getting rid of the unnecessary junk and addictions you may have a difficult time parting with. Although this is a one-time service, Kelsey would love to check in with you and hold you accountable as you learn to grocery shop with wholesome foods in mind.


Are you interested in learning how to cook and bake with your health in mind? Hite Nutrition would love to show you how easy cooking healthy can be, and help you discover the style that works best for you. You will learn healthful substitutions in baking, along with sensible snacks and breakfast options. Cooking healthy meals on a strict schedule can seem daunting, but Kelsey has some time-saving tips and helpful pointers that will make cooking less stressful.


Do you struggle with keeping yourself accountable? Are you the person that gives into temptations very easily? If so, Kelsey at Hite Nutrition is here to walk alongside you and mentor you through reaching and maintaining your health goals. It is to slip out of eating well, and most everyone uses this against him or herself and says, "Well I already screwed up, what's the point now?" Guess what?! There is a point! You can always better your health and diet; every day "on track" is far better than the days "off track". Being held accountable is not only essential for our physical health, but it is just as vital for our mental and emotional health. We all need to vent and complain, as well as praise and reward ourselves and having a partner to do this with is 10 times better! Let Kelsey hold you accountable to a life-long journey to a more wholesome life; it will be worth it!