• I am so grateful for Kelsey's time, commitment, and dedication in working with me to get me eating healthy. She went above and beyond by putting together weekly lunches (including recipes) and afternoon snacks, along with shopping lists and full instructions on how to make the food. She took time to hear my story of health concerns, along with my issue of not knowing how to plan menu's. I love the guidelines and advice she typed up for me to follow. With the Hite Nutrition meal planning and guidance I have lost 7 lbs in five weeks, I sleep better and have more energy. I want to thank Kelsey for caring and keeping me on track.
    — Judy
  • I highly recommend Hite Nutrition. Kelsey took the time to listen to what I was looking for and spent a lot of time understanding what foods I really did and did not want to eat. I made some pretty hefty demands and she found a way to make them work! I still get to eat chocolate! I’ve enjoyed the food she’s assigned and found it easy to meal prep and grocery shop in a new, healthy way. I’m 6 weeks in, and 9 lbs down! It wasn’t hard and its super freeing to have everything laid out for me!
    — Cayla
  • My wife and I hired Hite Nutrition to do customized meal planning for our family of five. Kelsey Hite, owner, met with us to discuss our health goals/needs and to discuss our food likes and dislikes. We also discussed that we are business owners and have very little time for shopping, cooking and so on. She took note of all of these things and came up with a customized meal plan for us that fits our schedule and goals. We have enjoyed the meals very much. My wife loves the ease of having the grocery list provided, so she knows exactly what to buy for each meal. Overall, we are eating healthier and seeing great results. We highly recommend Hite Nutrition.
    — Lance
  • I am extremely happy about my experience with Hite Nutrition. Kelsey has been a pleasure to work with and the results that I have obtained are nothing short of spectacular! I am only 6 weeks into my 90 day plan and have seen significant weight loss and a significant improvement in blood pressure since starting using Kelsey's meal plans and recipes. I have learned a ton about proper diet and exercise since working with Kelsey. I have recommended Kelsey to all of my friends and family and plan on continuing taking advantage of her advice and knowledge to help me learn even more on what I should be eating and how much, regardless of whether trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
    — Jim
  • I am so thrilled to have found and worked with Hite Nutrition. I'm now down ~12 pounds in the 2 months of working with Kelsey, and it has been by far the most enjoyable lifestyle change (not just diet) that I've ever done. The recipes are easy and delicious, and are laid out in a super easy to understand and shop for fashion. I've noticed that I'm craving unhealthy foods and sugar much less, and my energy and focus levels are much higher. I can't say enough good things about Hite Nutrition and the outcomes I've seen, and would 110% recommend Kelsey to anyone who asks.
    — Rachel
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