Hite Nutrition Costco Recommendations

As a frequent shopper at Costco, I often refer my clients to products I personally use from Costco, so I thought I would share a few of "my favorites" and some Hite Nutrition recommendations. There are many things to love about Costco. They focus on products that offer quality ingredients and are often organic or made with less preservatives. And most prices are comparable or cheaper than what you can get in a normal grocery store for the same quantity (excluding most produce). I know some of you may not have a Costco located near you so I have included a direct link to Amazon for each product that is available online. Those of you who have Amazon Prime this is another great option! I have found that most items at Costco are priced better in store than on Amazon, but you're paying for the convenience of having it delivered directly to your doorstep. If you have any questions on any of the products I recommend just send me an email at kelsey@hitenutrition.com.

Power Up Trail Mix is a combination of walnuts, dried mango, almonds, and dried cranberries. This makes the perfect afternoon snack!


I love the flavor of these Kirkland Protein Bars as they are very similar to Quest Bars, but 2/3 of the price! With 21 grams of protein I often grab one of these and a piece of fruit if I am in a hurry and won't be able to eat for a while. 

Harvested for You Organic Shelled Pumpkin Seeds come in a 20 ounce bag and is a great value for the quality! A single ounce serving is a great source of zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin-k, and plant based omega-3's.

I personally have not purchased these Caveman Bars yet (more for a budget reason than anything), but I have sampled them and they are delicious! I love that these are dairy and gluten-free. I would consider these more of a treat as they only have 5 grams of protein, but nonetheless they are made with natural ingredients and are healthier than most convenience bars.

Larabars are a great item to grab when you need an afternoon pick-up! They often contain less than 5 ingredients and are super delicious because they are sweetened with dates.

Rw Garcia 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers are just as delicious and another great alternative to oily chips or crackers.

For those of you who don't necessarily love eating vegetables daily, I suggest adding this Organic LIVfit Superfood Blend into smoothies, baked items, and/or protein shakes to get some added nutrients.

Plum Organics is a great company that makes healthy snack and mealtime options for babies and toddlers. Costco carries their Mighty 4 product which is a squeezable pouch of Greek yogurt, a vegetable, a fruit, and a grain.

Hemp Hearts are raw shelled hemp seeds that are a great addition to any smoothie. Or try topping your oatmeal or yogurt with hemp seeds for some added protein and fatty acids! 

Earthly Choice Wild Rice is always a great addition to a quick dinner meal. This price is for 3 lbs and is comparable to other grocery stores. Email me if you need tasty ideas on how to cook wild rice!

I love adding chia to my smoothies or making chia pudding! Since this is a rather large bag I keep it in my refrigerator. Chia seeds are a great energy and metabolism booster, and they contain beneficial amounts of fiber, protein, and omega fatty acids. Give Nature's Intent Organic Chia Seeds a try!

The same goes for wild-caught canned salmon. Kirkland's canned salmon is a great source of protein! I use it on salads, in salmon patties, and creamy cold salmon salad.

Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil is cold-pressed and unrefined which I love. My husband and I make our popcorn with coconut oil so we really appreciate a cheaper organic brand. 

Almonds are a common snack in my diet as they are a good source of plant protein and minerals such as vitamin E, manganese, biotin, and copper. This Kirkland bag of almonds is cheaper in the store.

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is great for high heat stir-frying or roasting. I also love making homemade mayo with this!

Stober Farms Organic Golden Flax Seed is a great addition to smoothies, baked goods, and oatmeal. Flax seed is high in omega-3 and fiber. In addition, studies show that it may help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

In addition, I recommend trying the frozen Kirkland Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod. You should try to eat two servings of fish a week!

BACON! Who doesn't like bacon? I never use to eat it because it was "bad" for you, but then I discovered there are more natural sources without nitrates/nitrites. And if you don't have any heart complications, a little saturated fat is actually healthy for you! Go ahead eat some nitrate-free bacon here and there. Coleman Natural is a brand I recommend.

Coleman Natural chicken breasts are individually packaged for easy thawing and have no added salt. Although they are not raised organically, the chickens are not treated with antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. 

These Kirkland Organic Tortilla Chips are recommended because when purchasing corn products you want to buy organic in order to avoid any GMOs. Although these are made with vegetable oils (canola and safflower which I try to avoid) they are ok here and there or for parties.

Plainville Farms Oven Roasted Organic Turkey Breast slices are amazing! Yes, this product is more expensive than most sandwich meats but in my opinion it is worth the cost. The turkeys used have never been give antibiotics, are raised organic, and the deli slices do not contain any nitrates or other harmful preservatives.

These fresh Coleman Organic Chicken breasts are great if you have a larger family and want to buy safer chicken. The breasts are fairly large so I recommend cutting them in half and freezing them in quantities that work well for your family.

Mary's Gone Crackers are a great alternative to those canola oil, preservative packed crackers you may have in your pantry. They are gluten and dairy-free and made with whole-grain brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds and sesame seeds. Try them plain, with hummus, or goat cheese!

Any applesauce that is unsweetened is fair game; especially organic! You'll have to do some price comparison with your local grocery store to see if this Mott's Organic Applesauce 36 unit package is a deal or not. 

GoGo Squeeze is a great quick and natural snack for your kids to eat on the go!

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo is dairy, soy, and canola oil-free! It has the same ingredients as what I put into my homemade mayo. Please note that this product is significantly cheaper in stores.

GoGo Quinoa makes an Organic Macaroni out of red and white quinoa that is totally gluten-free and a healthier pasta option. Once again this product is far cheaper in stores. 

QUINOA!! One of my favorite superfoods! Kirkland's Organic Quinoa is a great deal and since it's pre-rinsed it's super quick to cook up. 

I know what you are thinking...really, canned tuna? Yes! I don't mind the smell and love the flavor, so I add Chicken of the Sea Albacore Tuna in Water to my salads and casseroles for a great source of DHEA and omega-3's. This is a cheaper source of protein.

Kirkland spices are a great addition to your pantry. I always keep Kirkland Ground Cinnamon and Kirkland Garlic Powder stocked. They are a great quality for their price (definitely cheaper in store than online). 

Almond flour is a stable in my pantry for Paleo treats. This Blue Diamond Blanched 3 lb bag is a steal and I cannot find anything cheaper, but unfortunately they do not offer this price online.

Angelic Bakehouse is a bakery that sells sprouted bread products in the form of sandwich bread, buns, wraps, pizza crust, and crisps. Why sprouted bread? Sprouting grains prior to baking allows our digestive system to more easily break down the grain and absorb more nutrients. Costco now carries their sandwich bread in addition to these Premium Wraps!

If you eat oatmeal, I suggest trying a steel cut oatmeal as the oats are simply cut open and never steamed or rolled. McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal is great because it doesn't take as long to cook as other brands.

Mmmm...almond butter! It's just so good in everything! I don't recommend buying this online as it is far cheaper in store. 

When purchasing seafood always try to buy a wild product as farm raised fish will not be as nutritious. Kirkland's Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon tastes great and is fairly comparable to other grocery stores.

Kirkland's Greek Yogurt is organic and a great price for the quantity if you have a family you likes Greek yogurt.

I love this triple berry frozen blend from Costco. I add them to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal.

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain bread is similar to Angelic Bakehouse in that they sprout the grains prior to baking, thus more nutrients is absorbed by our digestive system. This bread is found in the freezer section at Costco.

Ground turkey is a great way to mix up your protein source and this Butterball Farm to Family ground turkey is all natural (no hormones or antibiotics) and is 97% lean.

Ground turkey is a great way to mix up your protein source and this Butterball Farm to Family ground turkey is all natural (no hormones or antibiotics) and is 97% lean.

Ground turkey is a great way to mix up your protein source and this Butterball Farm to Family ground turkey is all natural (no hormones or antibiotics) and is 97% lean.

I have recently made the shift to buying more organic and grass-fed beef as I consume a grain-free diet.This pack of three makes about four 0.90 lb meals of meat if you divide it prior to freezing. Until I find a local farmer who raises grass-fed cows this is my go to for beef!